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The Alprose Chocolate Museum

  1. Contact

    Museo del Cioccolato Alprose Schokoland
    Via Rompada 36
    6987 Caslano
    Tel +41 91 611 88 56

  2. Notes

    Permanent collection: Visit of the museum and of the factory (in activity from Monday to Friday) with free chocolate tasting.

  3. Opening

    Open all year
    Open all days

  4. Prices

    Prices to be defined.

  5. Access to the disabled
    • Stair free entrance
    • Restroom with wheelchair accessible (WC)

The Alprose chocolate museum presents the world of chocolate from its origin to date. Not to be missed is a visit to the "Nostalgia" shop for a chocolate tasting.

It gives us an idea of its history, its single components, the first production plants, today’s more modern ones, in a word, it really let’s us get a view of all the different aspects of this eternal product. What really makes the museum remarkable is the wealth of documentation and the variety of objects exhibited. Besides its educational merit, the museum contributes to consolidating the tradition of Swiss chocolate, renowned for its excellent quality.

The visit to the museum ends in the “Nostalgia” shop that allows the visitor to taste the rich variety of Alprose production at will. From the traditional bar of chocolate to the more precious packages, one can buy delicious specialties to enjoy in pleasant company or to give as a gift. The prices, that are decisively convenient, permit one to prolong the pleasure of this fascinating visit.

In the actual Alprose factory, visitors are able to observe from a gallery above the various phases of chocolate processing: from the liquefying of cacao to when it is made into bars and packaged. Surrounded by a delicious chocolate smell one learns how it is processed thanks to the exhaustive explanations that go with the photos of the extremely modern machinery used in the fundamental treatments necessary for chocolate production.



For all you chocolate lovers the shop remains open.

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