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Ticino River Lodge

Ticino River Lodge offers the first fishing guides service in the canton of Ticino.

What does it mean to provide this kind of service? It means to give tourists a chance to fish without worrying
about anything, alongside with expert anglers who have deep knowledge of the waters of Ticino. This opportunity was not known at our latitudes until 2012, the year Ticino River Lodge was founded. Ticino River Lodge provides skilled guides, able to take tourists to lovely places and allowing them to catch trouts, brook trouts and graylings.
We promote a sustainable and nature friendly fishing.

“We very much recommended these men to all Americans and other nations too. We will not forget this
experience” E. Heller, Illinois (USA)

“These guys are not only preservation-minded geomorphologists but also experts at treating you like kings
with a daily selection of IPA craft beers and local delicacies for lunch break, if you go through Ticino and
want to explore pristine waters in remote valleys get in touch with these dudes, guarantee you’ll have a good
time!” F. Marclay, Switzerland

What we offer

Ticino River Lodge offers complete, without schedule limit and therefore individually customizable guided fishing trips. What does complete service mean? It means that the clients’ only preoccupation will be setting the alarm clock at the right time. The rest will be taken care and organized by our guides. What does without schedule limit mean? It means that costumers will be able to fish for how long they desire, without worrying about the price. What does individually customizable mean? It means that the costumers will pick the location depending on their preference, as well as the starting and finishing time. However, our guides are always available to advise the client on locations, whether regarding the possible catches and the difficulty of the spot.

More precisely, each of our fishing packages includes:

  • Packed dinner/lunch, soft drinks and craft beers;
  • Unlimited fishing, without preset schedule (depending on regulation limits);
  • Fishing tools (Shimano, St. Croix, Vision, Mitchell, etc.), waders and boots (depending on the
  • availability);
  • Flies and lures;
  • Transports;
  • Fishing license(s).


Spin fishing and fly fishing, any level and any age. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert.
Ticino River Lodge will allow you to fish in the best fishing places in Ticino and to catch the amazing varieties of fish living in the crystal-clear water of this canton.


Ticino River Lodge will give you the chance to fish alongside with young, dynamic and expert guides. Both in spin and fly fishing.

Package example, Maggia – Verzasca (from April the 1st)

The following package includes a fishing trip in Valle Maggia or in Valle Verzasca. In Valle Maggia is possible to fish in the following rivers: Lavizzara, Maggia and Bavona. While in Valle Verzasca the river Verzasca and some other lateral streams. These places are evocative and give the client the chance to enter a wild and pristine nature. Their beauty is rare and they display colors difficultly found in the rest of the world. Edward Heller, a client from Illinois, defined these waters the most beautiful he has ever fished in.

Each package includes:

  • Unlimited fishing, without preset schedule (depending on regulation limits);
  • Fishing tools:
  • Fishing rods, reels, lures, flies, lines, etc.;
  • Waders and boots (depending on availability);
  • Meal and snack;
  • Drinks and craft beers;
  • Fishing license.

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  1. Kontakt

    Ticino River Lodge
    di Matteo Roncoroni
    Via al Dosso 21
    6828 Balerna
    +41 76 596 00 65

  2. Öffnung

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  3. Preise

    Prices per person:
    1 day: CHF 250.- (190.- guide service + 60.- license);
    2 days (consecutives): CHF 400.- (340.- guide service + 60.- license).