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16 - 19 April 2020
Via Nassa e centro città, Lugano

Autonassa ist eine einzigartige Veranstaltung, die den Besuchern eine entspannte und freundliche Atmosphäre bietet. Alle Neuheiten des Genfer Autosalons werden nun schon zum 40sten Mal auf der bedeutenden Bühne der Via Nassa vorgestellt.

An exclusive, picturesque location that allows everyone to take all the time necessary to admire the car of their dreams and look for the most suitable model to drive lots of miles for work or travel in the company of the whole family.

Autonassa is the open-air motor show organised by Gruppo Luganese (Lugano Group) of UPSA (Swiss Motor Trade Association) and by the Via Nassa Association, in collaboration with the City of Lugano. In the wake of what is presented at the Geneva Motor Show, the aesthetic and, above all, technological evolution of the car models displayed can also be appreciated at each edition of Autonassa, as proof of a continuously and rapidly evolving industry and its ability to meet the different, complex requirements of each customer.

When you visit Autonassa you can easily understand that cars are not just a means of transport. Cars, indeed, have many symbolic meanings that go far beyond our own intentions: the fact that whether we like a car or not is linked to complex emotions that are conveyed to us by the image that the Brand has managed to give itself and, especially, by the social and cultural implications that are part of our educational legacy.

Buying a car is also an important moment for a family gathering and being all together in a unique, prestigious setting such as Lugano’s Via Nassa can only be added value to a city as dedicated to hospitality as Lugano.


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