Excursions - Corticiasca – Monte Bar – Roveredo

The Scenic Trail

  1. Notes

    Start locality: Corticiasca
    End locality: Roveredo

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At a certain altitude along this trail, you’ll pass through a series of woods, meadows and alpine pastures; this long walk leads you to the discovery of a multi-faceted landscape that initially brings you to Mount Bar, the trek’s highest point, offering a 360° view over the entire region.

Following the mountain crest, you then reach Motto della Croce, where it’s mandatory to stop and admire a splendid close-up view of the Capriasca Valley. The descent then proceeds in the direction of the Roveredo Mountains, where at first you’ll come across
pasturelands and later several quaint rustic villages. It’s also possible to shorten the excursion by using the forest road that connects the Mount Bar Hut to Motto della Croce.


11 km

Height difference

Corticiasca - Roveredo: 852 m
Roveredo - Corticiasca: 1144 m




Corticiasca - Roveredo: 4 h 30'