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Theme Paths - Gandria - Castagnola

The Olive Grove Trail

This path passes through an area where the remains of ancient olive trees may still be seen and in which the olive tree has just recently been re-introduced.

Length 3.17 km
Duration 1 h
Height difference 137 m
Theme Paths - Arosio - Breno - (Arosio)

The Chestnut Tree Trail

A Thematic path crossing five villages in the Alto Malcantone region, passing through woodlands with chestnut trees, birches, creeks and fields. Moreover, one can admire the view of the various villages and glimpse a panorama reaching until Monte Rosa.

Length 9.5 km
Duration 2 h 50'
Height difference 444 m
Theme Paths - Carona

Tematic paths of San Grato park

62.000 sq. meters with the largest and most varied collection of azaleas, rhododendrons and conifers of the entire Insubric Region.

Theme Paths - Monte Lema - Forcola - Miglieglia

Between sky and earth

A way of approaching nature that permits one to observe its ecosystem and understand its evolution.

Length 8.37 km
Duration 2 h 20'
Height difference 936 m
Theme Paths - Monte San Salvatore

Monte San Salvatore Nature trail

Discover the fascinating wonders of the nature of Monte San Salvatore, located few steps away form the city.

Length 1.6 km
Duration 35'
Height difference 105 m
Theme Paths - Sonvico - Rosone - Monte Roveraccio - Sonvico

The Historical Sonvico Nature Trail

The comparison between past and present, at every step of the way, will make us more aware of the delicate and complex relationship between living organisms and the surrounding nature.

Length 9.1 km
Duration 3 h
Height difference 478 m
Theme Paths - Novaggio - Maglio di Aranno - Novaggio

The Trail of Marvels

This trail leads you to the discovery of dry walls, windmills, corn grinding mills, castles, old brickworks and mines, giving everyone the opportunity of stopping for a moment to admire those simple things that in the past contributed to man’s survival and like, in the case of mines, hope for a better future.

Length 6.35 km
Duration 2 h 10'
Height difference 345 m
Theme Paths - Caslano

The Natural Park of Mount Caslano

An educational path with didactic information about the flora and fauna of Monte Caslano. Along the trail one can stop to admire the view of the Gulfs of Caslano and Agno, the Strait of Lavena Ponte Tresa and Italian territories.

Length 4.4 km
Duration 1 h 25'
Height difference 258 m
Theme Paths - Ponte Capriasca - Tesserete - Origlio - Ponte Capriasca

The “Storytelling” Trail

Along this trail you’ll be able to discover local stories, legends and to have the possibility of discovering and appreciating the enchanting Capriasca region.

Length 11.85 km
Duration 3 h 30'
Height difference 467 m
Theme Paths - Brè

Art presences

We propose that the larger public get acquainted with this charming little village.

Length 0.8 km
Duration 15'
Height difference 44 m
Theme Paths - Molinazzo (Ramello) - Monteggio - Termine - Sessa - Ramello

The Water Trail Revisited

This itinerary aims at highlighting the tokens of past history and of the natural environment and proposes much food for thought on the relationship between man and water in the past and in the present.

Length 9.2 km
Duration 2 h 50'
Height difference 165 m
Theme Paths - Castelrotto - Ronco - Beride - Castelrotto

Man’s Traces

An ideal combination of culture, history and nature along the circular path that connects the picturesque villages of Castelrotto and Beride.

Length 3.54 km
Duration 1 h
Height difference 157 m
Theme Paths - Lamone - Origlio - Taverne

The San Zeno Nature Path

This educational path was created with the idea of getting as many peoples as possible to come in contact with nature.

Length 5.6 km
Duration 1 h 40'
Height difference 267 m
Theme Paths - Vico Morcote

The path of the senses

Designed for everyone to rediscover the joy of experiencing nature with our senses: smelling, hearing, tasting, seeing and touching it.

Length 1.39 km
Duration 25'
Height difference 50 m
Theme Paths - Arosio - Astano - Caslano - Bioggio

The Sun Dial Itinerary

Discovery of the most beautiful sun dials in Malcantone.

Length 44.58 km
Duration 20'
Height difference 558 m
Theme Paths - Gandria - Brè

Gandria’s archeological and naturalistic trail

This didactical trail offers you the possibility to approach nature and the history of this region in the most ideal of ways.

Length 7.3 km
Duration 3 h
Height difference 766 m
Theme Paths - Tesserete - Sala Capriasca - Vaglio - Cagiallo - Tesserete

Sensations in Capriasca/Unitas

Envisaged for the blind or for those with eyesight problems but at disposition of everyone!

Length 5.77 km
Duration 1 h 30'
Height difference 148 m
Theme Paths - Tesserete - San Clemente - Tesserete


Artinbosco is a unique exhibition itinerary of its kind: it is born from the gathering between art and nature but evolves with the changing of the seasons and the passing of time in a deep symbiosis with the environment that welcomes it.

Length 3 km
Duration 50'
Height difference 125 m
Theme Paths - Tesserete – Cagiallo – Lugaggia – San Clemente – Vaglio – Sala Capriasca – Bigorio – Tesserete

Walking in Capriasca

The thematic path in mid-Capriasca is an opportunity to rediscover the natural landscape, its animal and plant world, its historical-cultural roots and the different contexts of the lives of its inhabitants.

Length 11.45 km
Duration 3 h 20'
Height difference 240 m
Theme Paths - Montagnola - Gentilino - Montagnola

On Hermann Hesse’s Footsteps

This itinerary leads you to certain points of the landscape on the Golden Hill, which were especially dear to the poet and that are reflected in his works.

Length 4.2 km
Duration 1 h 10'
Height difference 144 m
Theme Paths - Rivera - Quartino

The historical Montecenerino trail

A route with an atmosphere from a bygone age

Length 6.47 km
Duration 1 h 51'
Height difference 200 m
Theme Paths - Taverne

The Embankment Museum

This fascinating exhibition has been created by kindergarten and primary school children, whose classes have gotten acquainted with, studied and tried to imitate famous artists.

Length 2.5 km
Duration 35'
Height difference 21 m
Theme Paths - Melide - Carona

A Trail of the Past: Melide – Carona

History, fauna, forests, wood, geology, erratic boulders and “cuppellar” boulders...

Length 1.84 km
Duration 1 h
Height difference 325 m
Theme Paths - Parco San Grato, Carona

Botanical Path

Some of the signposts give information on the ornamental and natural vegetation.

Length 1.56 km
Duration 30'
Height difference 85 m
Theme Paths - Parco San Grato, Carona

The Panoramic Path

Length 2.1 km
Duration 40'
Height difference 113 m
Theme Paths - Parco San Grato, Carona

The Relaxing Path

This path joins together all of the Park’s level and easy paths.

Length 1.42 km
Duration 25'
Height difference 65 m
Theme Paths - Parco San Grato, Carona

The Artistic Path

Along this path the works of several different artists are on display.

Length 1.61 km
Duration 30'
Height difference 79 m
Theme Paths - Parco San Grato, Carona

Sensory Path

The trail offers to all visitors a more careful and conscious way to explore nature, discovering forgotten sensations.

Length 0.200 km
Duration 15'
Height difference 10 m
Theme Paths - Parco San Grato, Carona

The Fairytale Path

It is addressed to children in a simple, fun and playful way.

Length 0.360 km
Duration 10'
Height difference 14 m