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Theme Paths - Montagnola - Gentilino - Montagnola

On Hermann Hesse’s Footsteps

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  2. Notes

    Itinerary: Montagnola-Gentilino-Montagnola

    Locality: Montagnola
    Location: Montagnola and surroundings
    Altitude: Gentilino 400 m / Montagnola 467 m
    Map: 1353

    PROSPECTUS IN THE FOLLOWING LANGUAGES: Italian - German - French – English

    Features of theme trail: historical - cultural - artistic
    Physical effort: 1 (1 = easy, 0-300m / 2 = good, 300-600m / 3 = average, 600-900)
    Technical effort: Route on paved ground, part of it on footpath
    Refreshments: yes
    Selling of typical local products: -

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  3. How to arrive

    Montagnola may also be reached by means of public transportation, the Lugano - Carabietta postal bus covers this stretch.

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This itinerary leads you to certain points of the landscape on the Golden Hill, which were especially dear to the poet and that are reflected in his works.

Here in Montagnola, a path and a museum, (the only one dedicated to him in the whole of Switzerland), shed light on the long period spent by this very renowned poet and writer in Ticino.

The path dedicated to Hermann Hesse intends to lead the observer to certain points of the landscape on the Golden Hill, which were especially dear to the poet and that are mirrored in his works. The path winds its way both through the outskirts of Montagnola and in its centre; the final part passes through the woods and ends up at the town’s cemetery. Every now and then, you’ll have to climb a few steps but all in all it’s a very pleasant walk.

The itinerary leads you to the following places:
1- The Red House
2- The stone commemorating the centennial anniversary of his birth.
3- The Camuzzi House/The Hermann Hesse Museum
4/5/7-His favourite places 
6-“His” Grotto
8- Cemetery

Map of the itinerary and further information may be found by clicking here!

Born on July 2,1877 at Calw, died August 9,1962 at Montagnola.
Resident of  Montagnola since 1919. 
1919 – 1931 at Camuzzi house.
1931 – 1962 at Bodmer house.
1946 Nobel Prize for literature.
July 2,1962 He is conferred honorary citizenship of Montagnola in occasion of his 85th birthday.

(At the centre of the village and on its outskirts)

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4.2 km

Height difference

Montagnola-Gentilino-Montagnola : 144 m
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Montagnola-Gentilino-Montagnola : 1 h 10'