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Theme Paths - Carona

Tematic paths of San Grato park

  1. Contact notes

    Nearby hiking trails!


  2. How to arrive

    By using the Postal Bus that goes from Lugano - Carona. The Park also has its own public parking lot.

    Journey by public transports!

62.000 sq. meters with the largest and most varied collection of azaleas, rhododendrons and conifers of the entire Insubric Region.

There is also a breathtaking view from the park overlooking the immediate surroundings all the way to the peaks of the Alpine chain.

Botanical Path

Some panels inform on spontaneous and ornamental vegetation of the park.

Panoramic Path

This path joins together all of the park's panoramic points.

Relaxing Path

This path joins together all of the Park's level and easy paths.

Artistic Path

Along this path the works of several different artists are on display.

Sensory Path

The trail offers to all visitors a more careful and conscious way to explore nature, discovering forgotten sensations.

Fairytale Path

It is addressed to children in a simple, fun and playful way.


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