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Theme Paths - Tesserete - Sala Capriasca - Vaglio - Cagiallo - Tesserete

Sensations in Capriasca/Unitas

  1. Contact notes

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  2. Notes

    Itinerary: Tesserete-Sala Capriasca-Lugaggia-Tesserete

    Locality: Sala Capriasca
    Location: Capriasca
    Altitude: 85 m
    Map: 1333


    Features of theme trail: naturalistic
    Physical effort: 1 (1 = easy, 0-300m / 2 = good, 300-600m / 3 = average, 600-900)
    Technical effort: T1 (T1 = footpath / T2 = mountain hiking trail)
    Refreshments: Tesserete 528 m/Sala Capriasca 548 m/Vaglio 560 m/Cagiallo 522 m
    Selling of typical local products: Azienda ortofrutticola La Fonte (Vaglio) + Lo Scricciolo (Nesè, Piana di Sala)

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  3. How to arrive

    The Capriasca Region may be easily reached by using public transportation: there is, in fact, a direct connection with the Lugano Railroad Station. Postal Buses (with stops at Origlio, Ponte Capriasca, Sala Capriasca and Tesserete) and Luganese Regional Buses (direct connection with Tesserete) leave from the station.

    Journey by public transports!

  4. Signalization

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Envisaged for the blind or for those with eyesight problems but at disposition of everyone!

The trail unwind along the paths of Media Capriasca and has been especially envisaged for the blind or for those with eyesight problems. It is organized in 9 stations, highlighting some of the naturalistic features of the region that may by perceived through smell, touch, hearing and taste and through sensations of the body. The path is not suitable for non- accompanied blind people or ones with eyesight problems. Nor is it possible to guarantee that all the sounds of the animals listed in the guide may, in fact, be heard. However, the choice of the most common species should guarantee that in the indicated periods it will be possible to identify a good number of these.

Observations: it’s possible to use the audio-guides in Italian rendered available to the blind and those with eyesight problems, totally free of chare at the offices of Lugano Region in Tesserete.

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5.77 km

Height difference

Circuito/Themenweg/Circuit: 148 m
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Circuito/Themenweg/Circuit: 1 h 30'