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Theme Paths - Molinazzo (Ramello) - Monteggio - Termine - Sessa - Ramello

The Water Trail Revisited

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    Itinerary: Molinazzo di Monteggio (Ramello)-Bruciata-Termine-Cavagno-Sessa-Bruciata-Ramello

    Locality: Monteggio
    Location: Monteggio, Sessa and surroundings
    Altitude: Ramello 275 m/Termine 437 m/Cavagno 388 m/Sessa 394 m
    Map: 1352

    PDF AND TOTEM IN THE FOLLOWING LANGUAGES: Italian - German - French - English

    Features of theme trail: natural - cultural - historical
    Physical effort: 1 (1 = easy, 0-300m / 2 = good, 300-600m / 3 = average, 600-900)
    Technical effort: T1 (T1 = footpath / T2 = mountain hiking trail)
    Refreshments: yes
    Selling of typical local products: Azienda Agricola Spinello (Sessa) + Azienda Vitivinicola Terra d'Ana (Sessa)

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    The trail may be reached by Postal Bus.

    Journey by public transports!

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    Segnaletica Acqua Ripensata

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This itinerary aims at highlighting the tokens of past history and of the natural environment and proposes much food for thought on the relationship between man and water in the past and in the present.

Water rediscovered  To celebrate the beginning of the new millennium, the Municipalities of Sessa and Monteggio have decided to create a new itinerary together, whose main intention is to highlight the vestiges of history and of the natural environment but which also wishes to underscore the important relationship between water and man both in the past and in the present.

The path winds its way along the Pevereggia torrent. Nature and history offer traces of both past and present, all to be discovered in this corner of Malcantone. Water is seen from a double perspective as something "rethought out again" and as something "thought about in a new way", because the knowledge and the awareness of the past and of its relationship to the present allows us to face a future that has already begun in a constructive way.     

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9.2 km

Height difference

Circuito/Themenweg/Circuit: 165 m
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Circuito/Themenweg/Circuit: 2 h 50'