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The Trail of Marvels

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    The path of Marvels: the traces of the past.

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  2. Notes

    Itinerary: Novaggio-Maglio di Aranno-Aranno-Novaggio

    Locality: Novaggio
    Location: Novaggio and surroundings
    Altitude: Novaggio 638 m/ Maglio di Aranno 584 m
    Map: 1353

    PROSPECTUS IN THE FOLLOWING LANGUAGES: Italian - German - French – English

    Features of theme trail: natural – cultural - historical
    Physical effort: 2 (1 = easy, 0-300m / 2 = good, 300-600m / 3 = average, 600-900)
    Technical effort: T2 (T1 = footpath / T2 = mountain hiking trail)
    Refreshments: yes
    Selling of typical local products: Azienda Agricola Masseria al Ronco (Novaggio), Azienda Agricola Celso (Miglieglia)

    Maglio di Aranno: Signor Daniele Borin, +41 (0)79 609 15 60

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  3. How to arrive

    The trail may be reached by Postal Bus.

    Journey by public transports!

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This trail leads you to the discovery of dry walls, windmills, corn grinding mills, castles, old brickworks and mines, giving everyone the opportunity of stopping for a moment to admire those simple things that in the past contributed to man’s survival and like, in the case of mines, hope for a better future.

The entire excursion takes place in the wood. A brochure is available to help you better understand what’s essential and to guide you in appreciating man’s ingeniousness and the beauty of certain natural environments. This information will be surely much appreciated by people who want more than just a quick glance and who like delving into things.

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6.35 km

Height difference

Circuito/Themenweg/Circuit: 345 m
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Circuito/Themenweg/Circuit: 2 h 10'