More than 370 km of marked and carefully maintained trails give bikers total freedom to stay in contact with nature.

It doesn't really matter much if you go up rough mountain paths or follow well marked circuits, every single Bike itinerary will satisfy you're highest expectations.
There are several itineraries of average difficulty on forest and dirt roads, which require a minimum of fitness.

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Mountain Bike - Lugano (Monte Brè)–Ponte Tresa

Lugano Bike - Nr. 66

One of the most attractive single trails in the Ticino winds its way as a high trail around the Val Colla above Lugano and leads through the hilly forests of Malcantone to the imposing Monte Tamaro. A fantastic tour with spectacular panoramic views.


Length 120 km
Duration 16 h
Height difference 4191 m
Requirements difficult
Conditions difficult

Vicania Bike - Nr. 351

This is an excursion that takes you to the discovery of the fascinating peninsula on the outskirts of Lugano. It's a tour that combines naturalistic and cultural aspects and is within every biker's reach.

Length 25 km
Duration 3 h 40'
Height difference 852 m
Requirements medium
Conditions medium

Collina d'Oro Bike - Nr. 352

This tour conjugates sports, culture and natural surroundings in one unique excursion. It departs from an idyllic little lake and passes through the woods of the Collina d'Oro (the Golden Hill). It then reaches another water element, the Lake of Lugano, which is on the other side of the hill.

Length 18 km
Duration 2 h 25'
Height difference 530 m
Requirements easy
Conditions easy

Tresa Bike - Nr. 353

Explore the nature, history and culture of Malcantone on the Tresa Bike trail. The route leads you through the region's typical hill country.

Length 18.5 km
Duration 2 h 30'
Height difference 491 m
Requirements easy
Conditions easy

Malcantone Bike - Nr. 354

This tour offers a chance to explore the green hills and mountains of Malcantone: an encounter with nature that allows you to observe different ecosystems and their development.

Length 32.8 km
Duration 4 h 45'
Height difference 1070 m
Requirements medium
Conditions medium

Castagno Bike - Nr. 355

Discover the beauty of the verdant Alto Malcantone in the vicinity of Lugano. The vast chestnut forests are particularly memorable.

Length 38.4 km
Duration 5 h 30'
Height difference 1477 m
Requirements medium
Conditions difficult

Brè Bike - Nr. 356

Itinerary on the outskirts of Lugano sheltered from the noises of the city. You can take a pleasant ride from the town taking the funicular railway up the majestic Monte Brè. From there you’ll pass through both its woods and those of Monte Boglia. The tour takes place mainly on wide footpaths or on unpaved roads.

Length 15.7 km
Duration 2 h 15'
Height difference 637 m
Requirements medium
Conditions medium

Origlio Bike - Nr. 357

An undemanding excursion and within everyone’s reach. It takes in mainly the woodland of San Clemente and the small lake of Origlio, two much appreciated tourist destinations. It is a naturalistic but at the same time cultural itinerary where you can admire the symbiosis between what nature and man have created.

Length 16.6 km
Duration 2 h 25'
Height difference 501 m
Requirements easy
Conditions easy

Monte Bar Bike - Nr. 358

A panoramic tour in the hills where you come across pastures, a typical Alpine hut, a lodge, a farm and a mountain meadow. This is one of the classic mountain bike paths of the Lugano region situated on the slopes of Monte Bar, where there’s an alpine hut with the same name, with “Bike Friendly” services.

Length 22.2 km
Duration 4 h 15'
Height difference 916 m
Requirements medium
Conditions medium

Capriasca Bike - Nr. 359

This tour is designed to exploit some of the peculiarities that Capriasca offers. The itinerary touches il Motto della Croce, one of the best panoramic views of Lugano. It crosses a varied territory immersed in lush greenery where the works of man mix with those created by nature.

Length 23.8 km
Duration 3 h 15'
Height difference 856 m
Requirements difficult
Conditions difficult

Val Colla Bike - Nr. 360

This is a circular panoramic itinerary, a classic and much loved by mountain bikers! It reaches a typical mountainous region with an astonishing array of flora, fauna and geology. The route is well provided for by three refreshment facilities.

Length 27.6 km
Duration 4 h 15'
Height difference 1181 m
Requirements difficult
Conditions difficult

Isone Bike - Nr. 361

The discovery of the mountains that surround the Val d'Isone, an area not particularly known but one that deserves to be visited. The excursion enhances the most fascinating places of the area accessible by Mountain Bike. From wooded slopes to pastures, from panoramic viewpoints to a peat bog.

Length 26.9 km
Duration 4 h 20'
Height difference 1091 m
Requirements difficult
Conditions medium

Cross Country

Length 5 km
Duration 1 h
Height difference 200 m
Requirements medium
Conditions easy


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