Nevercrew: Close up


Close up – 2020

Nevercrew, a collective of street artists from Ticino composed by Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni, was formed in 1996. Nevercrew's artistic path has developed mainly at an international level in the context of urban art through the creation of wall paintings, installations and sculptures. Their work focuses mainly on the relationship between man and nature; they are particularly interested in the effects that human behavior has on the environment, animals and society as a whole, which is read in its complexity as a single interconnected system.

Close up depicts a composition of whales in a sort of water parallelepiped. The work plays with the contrast between the oceanic ecosystem in which these large cetaceans live and the surrounding urban ecosystem, which is foreign but at the same time connected. Everything is part of a unique and global balance in which everyone plays a fundamental role.

The work perfectly represents the relationship between man and nature, linking to the theme of exploitation and pollution by man. A current topic with which society is constantly confronted.

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