Regina Kioko Ferretti: Stai Sirena


A colourful, round, full, energetic, highly detailed and precise world is what comes to life from the imagination of Regina Kioko Ikeda Ferretti. The joy that transpires from her works is however in constant dialogue with a certain omnipresent melancholy. In her works, the harmonious contrasts are not only in the emotions but also in the form: the combination of Brazil and Japan, where her cultural origins lie, has indeed shaped the character of her work. From Brazil comes colour, cheerfulness, exuberant nature and abundance, while from Japan comes the patient, meticulous side, the aesthetics of the kawai world and the manga that the artist watched as a child. Regina's favourite theme is above all the feminine universe, which through art and her creativity she manages to explore and give back to the public in all its complexity. For the first time, the artist has worked on a mural in public space, creating an ephemeral work dedicated to surprising all those who live and inhabit the Lambertenghi district.

Realisation: Between 18 and 22 July 2022

Bertaro Lambertenghi 3, 6900 Lugano

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