Vedetta 1908 - Electric boat


Lugano - Cassarate - Castagnola - Villa Heleneum

"The summer season of navigation on the Ceresio continues with the ""E-Vedetta Tour"". An unmissable appointment for those who want to navigate in an ecological and alternative way. A journey with a retro flavor capable of giving new suggestions to all lovers of the lake. The MNE Vedetta 1908 is a traditional boat of Ceresio, completely electrified in 2016, symbol of a long process of study and research that represents the commitment of SNL to achieve the goal of a green and sustainable navigation of the lake.

The MNE "Vedetta 1908", will be ready to set sail every Friday, Saturday and Sunday with three daily trips from Lugano and as many from Villa Heleneum. The proposed route allows the traveler to enjoy an enchanting view, in full relaxation of the waves of the lake.

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