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A day in Capriasca

Tesserete - Cagiallo - Lugaggia - Vaglio - Sala Capriasca A day spent in forests, villages and chestnut woods.

The thematic path in mid-Capriasca is an opportunity to rediscover the natural landscape, its animal and plant world, its historical- cultural roots and the different contexts of the lives of its inhabitants. It crosses the villages, the countryside, the woods and the natural areas: environments that show the signs of the process of transformation and at the same time allow to know the achievements, the evidence and the way of life related to the peasant civilisation.



The ideal program:


Low difficulty


  • Departure from Tesserete and visit of the village
  • Visit of Cagiallo village
  • Stroll around and picnic in in the countryside of Lugaggia


  • Visit of Santi Antonio da Padova, Giacomo e Filippo Church (Vaglio)
  • Visit of the Redde Tower (Vaglio)
  • Visit of Sala Capriasca village

Not to be missed


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    Lugano Region tourist office
    Piazza Stazione 1
    6950 Tesserete
    +41 58 220 65 03

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