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Zoo al Maglio

Taste the jungle-feeling ! Over 200 animals from allover the World to watch and experience from very close ! A relaxing place under palm trees with picnic places, barbecues and playgrounds.

In the small valley of the Magliasina river you will meet lions, snow leopards, Bennett-wallabies, gibbons, japanese macaque, tufted capuchins, raccoons, different turtles, among the african spurred tortoise, glues, parrots of all sizes, guinea pigs, vietnamese pigs, african pygmy goats, several aquatic birds and gamefowls. It is possible to feed the animals with the food available at the entrance. For parties there is a tiny wooden house up to 20 people or the pavillion upt to 50 people to rent.


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  1. Contact

    Zoo al Maglio
    Via ai Mulini 14
    6983 Magliaso
    +41 91 606 14 93

  2. Notes

    Clean And Safe tourism service providers

  3. Opening

    Open all year
    Open all days
    09:00 - 18:00

  4. Prices

    Adults CHF 12.-
    Children 6.-
    Special prices for groups and schools

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