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Origlio Lake

The charm of the landscape and its peace and quiet are the main attractions of the lake of Origlio region, located just few kilometers away from Lugano.

This small lake, just 1.2 km of circumference, is protected by local laws.The northern end of the lake, with its reeds, is home to birds, animals and insects. In summer, water lilies float on the surface of the water, helping fish to reproduce and providing food for dragonflies.

The north-easterly side of the lake offers a place for amphibians to mate. The south side, thanks to its permanently damp environment, promotes the regeneration of alder wood. And over on the south-easterly side, on the “Matterone” hill, there’s a very special orchard growing old varieties which are practically non-existent nowadays (Pro Specie Rara organisation).

The area around the lake is very lively, often visited by families with children; there are also numerous riding schools in the area that attract lovers of this especially relaxing sport, in direct contact with nature. Moreover, at the local municipality and in some specialized shops, it is possible to buy a fishing licence. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to swim in the lake.

Fishing licence available at:

Town hall – Origlio - Urwer Pesca Sport – Noranco - Specialpesca – Lamone - Ambrosini Luigi – Lugano


CHF 40 .-- (annual) CHF. 20 .-- (1 month) CHF. 10 .-- (1 day)



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