• Monte Bar

Monte Bar

Imagine the Lugano area and valleys as an amphitheater. Monte Bar would be the most expensive and exclusive VIP box

Over the past two million years this region has undergone considerable uplift by the work of huge tectonic forces. It was not continuous, but it took place in three different moments, alternating between pause phases during which a new valley bottom was formed. As evidence of these ancient valleys remain the three terraces on which the populations have built their peasant constructions: the terrace of the villages, the terrace of the boats and the terrace of the mountain pastures.

The boats, constructions formed by the stable and the barn, are characteristic of the Val Colla and of the Capriasca. Because of their proximity to the village they were not inhabited like the maggenghi, but used only for livestock. The women came up from the village twice a day to milk the cows and take home the milk with which to make the cheese and butter. From the name of these special constructions derives the name chosen to name the mountain that hosts them: barc - monte Bar.

Monte Bar Hut

The Monte Bar SAC-Hut offers 42 beds and an extensive sun terrace sheltered from the wind with breathtaking view on Lake Ceresio and an extraordinary panorama on the Alps and the Po Valley with 80 seats. The indoor room can hosts till 60 people. There is a meeting room for max. 20 people. The Monte Bar hut is a night stop on the famous three day hike Lugano Trekking from Monte Brè to Tesserete. On the rolling hills the itinerary winds its way for 44.4 kilometers. The hiker gets the time to really take advantage of the extraordinary panorama, the beauty and of the peace and quiet that the lush local natural surroundings have to offer. One makes a big circle around Lugano down in the valley.


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