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Brè s/Lugano

Monte Brè, impressive views reflected in blue waters

Lugano – Monte Brè – Cureggia

The excursion includes a walk in the city centre, among the buildings and city parks, where you can admire Monte Brè in all its beauty. In Cassarate it is possible to reach the summit with the funicular, and then go for a short walk to Brè village, an old town that has maintained over the centuries its rural centre characteristics, enriched by important artistic treasures, such as the Museum Wilhelm Schmid.

For the little ones there are different playgrounds where you can admire Lake Ceresio and the surrounding mountains, a landscape that accompanies you throughout the descent on foot to the town of Cureggia.


The ideal program:


  • Departure from Cassarate in funicular to the summit of Monte Brè
  • Short stop on the panoramic terrace
  • Walk to the centre if the village and visit to the artistic area
  • Picnic at the leisure area


  • Visit to Wilhelm Schmid Museum
  • Panoramic walk to Cureggia

Not to be missed

  • Family activities on request at Funicolare Monte Brè

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