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Museo Sergio Maina

A professional painter he restored paintings for a living, painted frescoes in churches and never abandoned music.

A meticulous painter in his choice of favourite subjects: very detailed landscapes particularly in the strokes and clear-cut colours, then, gradually, delicate nuances appear, with a poorly-concealed propensity for nostalgic melancholy that, over time, does not wither the prolific garden of his memory. Worthy of note are the human figures, severe and thoughtful, his portraits show extraordinary expressiveness.

Over time, his paths, houses and trees become illuminated by bold brush strokes, sometimes red and flaming, where the artist’s vibrant spirit still demonstrates the soul of his eternal youth. His life, lived in the form of a gratifying individualism, led him to not want to detach himself from his works. A professional painter he restored paintings for a living, painted frescoes in churches and never abandoned music. His modesty and avoidance of worldliness kept him away from deserved praise and recognition. A talented and complete artist he worked on landscapes, portraits, nudes, still life paintings, compositions, posters, decorations, restored ancient art works, using different techniques, pencil, charcoal, wax, pastel, plaster, ink, watercolours, tempera, oil, frescoes and mosaics.

He had a great passion for music and he played the following preferred instruments: clarinet, ocarina, mandolin, guitar, piano and he was a trumpeter in military music. His long and prolific life remained consistent until the end with his philosophical interpretation of life.


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