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360° view: from Monte San Salvatore to Morcote

Monte San Salvatore – Carona – Morcote – Lugano

From the summit this route will take you to the village of Carona, where you can visit Parco San Grato botanical garden.

After reaching the summit of Monte San Salvatore and admiring the 360° view, you proceed to Carona and the Parco San Grato. Afterwards, the hike opens up to two variants, the shorter one leads to the Sanctuary of the Madonna d’Ongero, the more challenging one leads to Alpe Vicania and the Tenuta Castello di Morcote. Both lead to Morcote, one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland.


The ideal program:


Medium difficulty



  • Continue your journey to Morcote via one of the marked trails (Torello / Alpe Vicania)
  • Visit to Parco Scherrer (Morcote)
  • Take the boat from Morcote to Lugano

Not to be missed:


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