100 years of the Switzerland Leichtenstein customs treaty


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On 29 March 1923, Switzerland and Liechtenstein signed a treaty that was a landmark for Liechtenstein. The customs treaty integrated Liechtenstein into the Swiss economic area and freed it from economic isolation. It was thus a «customs union treaty», as it was officially referred to in the treaty.

By entering into the customs treaty, Liechtenstein relinquished part of its sovereignty. It had to adopt all Swiss laws relating to the customs treaty. By agreeing to the customs treaty, Switzerland helped the economically beleaguered small state. However, it also had vested interests in helping its neighbour.

The Liechtenstein NationalMuseum in Vaduz and the Swiss Customs Museum in Gandria are celebrating the 100th anniversary with a joint exhibition. The exhibition not only shows the background and history of the customs treaty, but also illustrates many different aspects of relations between Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

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