Hesse Now – Una biblioteca della letteratura universale



Thursday: 19:00 – 20:00

Free entry

After exploring several continents, the discussion series Hesse Now – Una biblioteca della letteratura universale is now entering its second edition. This year, it is integrated into the international context of TASIS (The American School in Switzerland), allowing the format to further expand its linguistic spectrum.

In 1929, Hermann Hesse published A Library of World Literature, an overview of the volumes that, in his opinion, should never be missing from a personal library. Since then the canon of literature has evolved in many ways, such as broadening its geographic focus and adding in many works written by women that were misunderstood at the time but have fortunately become part of today's literary oeuvre. What do we need to add to Hesse's library of world literature? What is perhaps no longer relevant? Poet and philosopher Stella N'Djoku interviews guests from diverse backgrounds and histories, talking about books, works and stories that are and have been relevant to their experiences.

Protagonists of this talk are:

  • Giada Giuliani
  • Anna Batyreva
  • Ilana Uribe Zuluaga


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