In Morcote the Novena is an intimate and special rite



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Every year, the traditional biciocá takes place inside the bell tower of the Church of Santa Maria del Sasso

In some villages in the Canton of Ticino, every year, during the Novena, it is still characteristic today to ring the bells by hand.

In Morcote, one of the most beautiful villages of Switzerland, this tradition is kept alive thanks to the population who handed it down to posterity.  Morcote's ritual is unique as that ringing the bells is performed by striking them with the clapper (called biciocá). This transmutes into a moment of conviviality and familiarity thanks to a room with a fireplace, a table and wooden benches inside the bell tower of the Church of Santa Maria del Sasso,.

The ritual of the Morcote Novena is part of the inventory of "living traditions" established by the UNESCO convention to safeguard intangible cultural heritage.

During 9 days before Christmas, between 8pm and 11pm, the volunteers gather around the table to eat something together with friends and acquaintances and take turns climbing the bell tower to ring the bells. The melodies performed are simple but festive and their knowledge is passed down orally, thanks to the teachings of the most expert bell ringers.

The event is open to the public. But as it is a small and intimate location, the number of people who can participate is very limited: the Morcotes and guests can in fact arrange themselves around the fireplace in ten or fifteen at most.

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