Swiss tre climbing championship



Friday: 08:00 – 18:00

Free entry

The 13th edition of the Swiss tree climbing championships will take place on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th June 2024 at the Ciani park in Lugano.

The competition is organized every two years. This year it will take place for the first time in Ticino. The 2024 edition of the Swiss Tree climbing championship will take place in the Ciani park in Lugano and the stations of the different disciplines will be installed in some of its trees. All around, logistical support will allow participants, organizers and visitors to enjoy the event, both in its practical and informative aspects. In fact, in addition to the competitive aspect, the event is an excellent way to encourage the sharing and dissemination of skills and knowledge, both inherent to climbing trees and regarding their care. Aspects that are particularly close to our hearts, which is why the opportunity to present ourselves to the public is one of the fundamental aspects of the event for us. Added to this is the possibility that the championship offers - to professionals, amateurs and the curious - to meet other members of the community. Finally, underlining that a tree will be set up so that children can get started in climbing.

The Swiss Tree Climbing Championship is a competition that allows tree pruning professionals to measure their skills in a sporting manner in public spaces.
The five disciplines of the preliminary round – tree travel, lifesaving, rope climbing, rope installation, speed climbing – reflect the demands on climbing technique, physical skill and mental presence that the arborists face in their daily work. The best players from the first round compete the next day in the final(the Master).
The winners will then have the opportunity to represent Switzerland at the European and World Championships.

It is also an opportunity for the profession to meet, to discuss new techniques, new equipment, new ideas.

The event is organized every two years. This year,it will take place for the first time in the canton of Ticino, at Parco Ciani in Lugano!
The arborist-climber championship allows the field of tree care to present itself to the public of the concerned region , allowing it alongside with the public  to learn about the profession of arborists, taking advantage of the presence of professionals from all regions of Switzerland.
Besides the competition aspect, this is one of our main concerns.

All interested parties are cordially invited to come and visit us.

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