The Collection


The exhibition venue of the Palazzo Reali hosts, alongside exhibition projects related to local and international artists, an exhibition dedicated to works from the collection.

The first floor of Palazzo Reali displays a number of works from the MASI Lugano collections divided into thematic corpuses linked to particular historical periods and artistic currents and covering a chronological span from the late 14th century to the early 20th century. The themes are sacred art of the 14th-16th centuries, 17th and 18th century painting, landscape painting between northern, pre-alpine and Mediterranean atmospheres, Symbolism and Divisionism.


Umberto Boccioni / Carlo Bossoli / Alexandre Calame / Filippo Carcano / Luigi Conconi / Joos de Momper / Aldo Feragutti Visconti / Filippo Franzoni / Gioachimo Galbusera / Karl Heilmayer / Maestro di Lonigo / Georges Michel / Pier Francesco Mola / Marco Palmezzano / Giuseppe Antonio Petrini /Ambrogio Preda / Giovanni Pietro Rizzoli, detto Giampietrino / Tommaso Rodari / Luigi Rossi / Mariano d’Agnolo Romanelli / Salomon van Ruysdael / Seguace di Carlo Crivelli / Giovanni Serodine / Cesare Tallone / Paolo Troubetzkoy


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