USC (Coppa universale Swoop)



Friday: 13:00 – 19:00
Saturday: 13:00 – 19:00

Free entry

Swoop Canopy Piloting (commonly Swoop) is an extreme skydiving discipline that takes place using a wing-shaped parachute called a "swoop wing". This type of parachute is designed to generate more lift and a faster rate of descent than traditional parachutes.

Swoop athletes begin their flight from the aircraft, gliding until they reach the right altitude to open the wing-shaped parachute. Once this is opened, athletes begin to perform spectacular stunts, such as flying inches above the water surface, making sharp and fast turns, jumping through rings and other land-based objects, and then landing accurately on a specific point.

USC created a swoop circuit in 2022 that is revolutionizing this extreme sport. The circuit is something totally innovative, never seen before. The course is delimited by a series of inflatables placed on the surface of the water through which the competitors must pass or touch, avoid or land.

The circuit is a real race in which the athletes must demonstrate not only their skill, but also their ability to adapt to the changing conditions of the circuit.

The USC circuit was designed to test the athletes' skills and their ability to adapt to an all-new and challenging course. This circuit is a real challenge for the athletes, who have to demonstrate their skill and precision as they fly at full speed through the inflatables, avoiding obstacles and trying to get the best score possible.


  • In the event of bad weather on either Friday or Saturday, the reserve date is Sunday 24.09.2023

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