Unpublished Photo 2023 – UP23


Unpublished Photo (UP) is an international contest conceived in 2018 by the 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS gallery in Milan, and promoted since 2020 by the Fondazione culture e musei (FCM) and by MUSEC Lugano. Young photographers under 30 are invited to present a portfolio of ten unpublished images developing a narrative of their free choice.

UP23 was attended by more than two hundred photographers from thirty-five countries around the world. The interests they expressed regarded today’s most relevant themes of global importance, such as the protection of the environment and the upholding of human dignity; another element that is very much present in the works of these photographers is the exploration of non-conventional languages resonating with personal identities and sensitivities.

The international jury presided over by Roberto Polillo chose, in this order: Andrey Podlednev (Russia), Madeleine Brunnmeier (Germany), Aleksandr Lialiushkin (Russia), and W.VV.VV (Singapore). The special Artphilein Editions Prize, which consists of the publication of a bilingual art monograph in English and German, was awarded to Madeleine Brunnmeier.

On display are six first prints for each of the winners, including the original title and the year the portfolio was made. The exhibition is completed with a bilingual Italian-English catalogue with all ten photographs by each of the four winners (FCM Editions).


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