What a mess Santa Claus



Saturday: 16:30 – 17:30

As part of the Christmas market in Capriasca, organised by the culture, events, sports and tourism department of the Capriasca municipality, the family show 'What a mess Santa Claus' will be staged at the theatre hall of the oratory.


Ciuffo and Pepper are faced with a big mess to solve, if they don't solve it this year there will be no presents for anyone at Christmas. 

Will the magic potion Godric and the Mad Hatter have made be enough or will there be some other headache to solve?

A fun and comical show of giant bubbles and magic tricks where the impossible becomes possible. Father Christmas is relying on you to save Christmas... remember to bring your letter!


  • Tickets: CHF 5.– children from 3 years / CHF 7.– from 16 years


  • The duration of the performances is approximately 60 minutes
  • Reservation is not obligatory but recommended

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