gARTen – theater festival in the park – 04.07.2024



Thursday: 18:00 – 22:00

Free entry

The summer event returns with the fifth edition of gARTen, from 3 to 5 July. A festival dedicated to the performing arts, ranging from prose, physical theatre, dance and music. The photographic exhibition by Marco Serventi, set up in the Foundation's garden, provides the backdrop. Three evenings open to all those who want to immerse themselves in a lively summer atmosphere, between art, music and sociality.

The second day of the festival is dedicated to artists who give voice to those on the margins of the world, of society, of the universe.

6:00 pm: Meet the artist with the Swiss photographer Marco Serventi and presentation of his photographic exhibition Altrove.

"This place is not for everyone. Some people find a home here, others think it's just a dust bowl. It also depends on how alone you can be, how much silence you can bear."

Elsewhere is a photographic project that documents White Cliffs, a small community in the heart of the Australian Outback where the inhabitants live in underground caves dug into the rock and the flow of life is marked by the cycles of the desert.

7:00 pm: Theatrical show Cosmic Chaos Quanto Basta by Teatro Danzabile

The evening then continues with dance and theatre. Cosmic Chaos Quanto Basta, a product of the inclusive Teatro Danzabile company directed by Viviana Gysin, explores what has fascinated us as human beings since the dawn of time: looking up and contemplating the vastness, looking at the sky and reflecting on ourselves, recognizing the will that each has to search for its own value in the chaos of the universe.

  • With Viviana Gysin, Fedro Mattei, Kevin Parisi and Camilla Stanga
  • Directed by Viviana Gysin
  • Danceable Theater Production

8:30 pm: Show Inégalité, Olympe and the Denied Revolution by Ensemble Teatro

With the concert show Inégalité, the Ensemble Teatro company brings to the stage the story of Olympe de Gouges, free thinker, activist and politician, who challenged the French Revolution by showing the hypocrisy of a narrative written by the victors, men and rich. His story becomes a pretext to investigate the paradoxes of a liberal and progressive West.

  • By Giulia Trivero
  • With Giulia Amato, Gabriele Anzaldi
  • Directed by Andrea Piazza
  • Music Gabriele Anzaldi, Giovanni Di Capua
  • Ensemble Theater Production


  • Every evening food village and music with DJ leMox
  • All events are entirely free
  • Possibility to park the car a few meters from the Foundation
  • For those under 25 and for those arriving by bicycle or public transport, a free drink!
  • In case of bad weather the event will still take place and the performances will be staged in the internal rooms of the Foundation


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