gARTen - festival di teatro nel parco - 09.07.2023



Sunday: 18:00 – 23:00

Free entry

The last evening of gARTen - festival of theater in the park, organized by the Claudia Lombardi Foundation for Theaterdel festival will host a performance by Anahì Traversi and Collective Treppenwitz, inspired by the figure of Maria Sybilla Merian, naturalist and artist. Here creativity and the process of creation are strongly connected to nature, the observation of the earth and its transformation. This is followed by the show Would Have Been Interesting with Matilde Facheris and directed by Marcela Serli, where creation embraces motherhood. The show, by making some biographical experiences speak of successes and failures, of loss and finding oneself, and it does so by crossing two landscapes: that of "mother earth," a natural landscape that also returns here with its rules and cycles, and that of the female body, a human landscape with its emotions and changes.

A food village will be set up in the park from 6 pm. A DJ set will fill the atmosphere with music and Radio Morcote International, through interviews with the protagonists of the festival, will tell gARTen on air and through podcasts. 

The festival is completely free of charge. 

In case of bad weather all events are confirmed and will take place in the indoor halls.

Possibility to park your car a few meters from the Foundation. 

For those under 25 and those arriving by bicycle or public transportation, a free drink!

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