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Festival Ticino Musica

18 - 31 July 2021
Sorengo, Canobbio, Paradiso, Morcote, Lugano

The TICINO MUSICA Festival is an international meeting of young musicians attended every year by hundreds of musicians and singers from all over the world – a fusion of mature artistry and nascent talent.

The aim of this cultural event is to pass on the musical tradition to the coming generation through study and performance with established world-class musicians and teachers, thus serving to broaden the cultural horizons and expand the artistic experience of young musicians preparing for their professional life.

The festival was founded in 1979 and can look back to a long year tradition. It took place in Ticino for the first time in 1997. Over the years, it has enjoyed increasing success and it attracts hundreds of participants between the ages of sixteen and thirty-five from all over the world. Canton Ticino is now its permanent venue.

The daily concerts, in which the teachers often perform as soloists, attract large audiences and media coverage.


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