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16 March 2019 - 08 March 2020
Ristorante Vetta Monte San Salvatore, Lugano

Photography exhibition. Nudo e Crudo (Naked and Raw) is an artistic-photographic project coming about through a partnership between the Food Designer Agnese Z’Graggen and the photographer Paolo Tosi (Tosi-Photography).

In these images of vegetables, their nature is revealed completely, as if it were the first time that we set eyes on them, allowing us to glean their true essence. Undergoing a process of transformation from a typical still-life to a still-living nature, the vegetables are studied photographically as if they were models, enabling us to appreciate their grace and their formal architectural beauty. This gives us the chance to interpret their hidden curves, their geometries and their pure intrinsic vital energy.

This should make us stop and think and reflect on how much nature is present and important in our daily lives. Unfortunately, for the majority of us, it is, at the same time, superficially forgotten. Inspired by the still-life paintings of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, in order to make these images, the authors adopted a contemporary approach and intentionally recreated the same kind of light to exalt the natural beauty of their subjects.

The Nudo&Crudo project started one year ago and aims to document the various varieties of vegetables growing during the four seasons in our region.


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