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Lois Hechenblaikner. Ischgl and more

26 June - 04 October 2020
MASI Lugano, Sede LAC, Lugano

Photography project entitled Lois Hechenblaikner. Ischgl and more A pop-up project(ion): a projection of photographs by photographer Lois Hechenkblaikner meticulously documenting the lesser-known, irreverent side of Austrian Alpine resorts.

From the Alps as a sublime, contemplative meeting place with nature, Lois Hechenblaikner’s highly expressive shots, show a very contrasting reality from prevailing expectations related to mass ski tourism and the shifts of natural surroundings and human behaviour that it brings along with it. The central theme of this pop-up project, staged at MASI’s LAC venue, is the presentation of the Austrian photographer’s latest series of photos devoted to the Tyrolean resort of Ischgl.

The photographs projected in themed pairs clearly show their documentary intentions, as their purpose is to depict the reality visible in the shots without filters, judgements or prejudices. The intense and expressive series of over 200 images gathered during years of work, can be considered a sociological and photographic study into the culture of events and mass tourism, which has allowed Hechenblaikner to offer an objective look at the mechanisms of a profitable but oftentimes irresponsible party industry. 

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