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Lugano Trophy. Memorial Mario Albisetti

08 March 2020
Lungolago, partenza di fronte a Piazza Manzoni, Lugano



The lakeside of Lugano will host the first European race-walking competition of the season.

The event evokes the competition with the same nameborn from an idea of the departed luganese journalist Armando Libotte.

“Sport and politics don’t have to be mixed. They are not good together.” These are the words expressed by Libotte, when the Swiss Olympic Committee decided not to participate to the Olympic Games in 1956 in Melbourne as a protest against the occupation of Hungary by URSS.
Libotte was the only Swiss delegate present in Australia as race-walking judge. Back at home, he created a team competition on 20k and 50k named “Lugano Trophy”. The first edition took place in Luganoin 1961.

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