• Habitat Morcote Davide Adamoli

Habitat. Public art exhibition

04 July - 04 October 2020

Morcote’s third public art exhibition emphasizes a current topic narrated through the works of fourteen Swiss or Swiss resident artists, including site-specific projects scattered all across Scherrer Park and the village which have been created specifically for the occasion.

HABITAT, “he lives” in Latin, is the place where due to its physical characteristics, a particular kind of species is able to live and thrive. The village of Morcote with a microclimate generated by the lake has, since ancient times favoured human settlement, thus becoming the ideal place in an outdoor itinerary to welcome a visual contemplation of environment and humans in their intrinsic relationship.

Free guided tours

July 12 & September 20 at 2 PM and 4 PM
Reservations required +41 76 452 81 87

Maps of the artworks



Free entry
In the village the artworks can be viewed for free and with unlimited access.


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