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From the Sun of Brè village to the Water of Gandria village – Sasso Predescia

20 June 2021
La Bottega di Gandria, Lugano-Gandria
Piazza Lucchini 1


10:00 - 14:00

Third edition to reach the Sasso della Predescia.

This year Cristina Calderari, holistic therapist and guide to energy places, leads us starting from Brè, to cross the wood with her ancient and millenary presences, up to Gandria.

In a dialogue between Body, Mind and Soul we are led between the layers of the ages to reveal the correlations between the shapes of the water and the sinuosity of the wooded slope that has hosted the imposing Sasso della Predescia since time immemorial and other erratic boulders among the ancestral traces of ritual and living, celebrating its qualities in the auspicious moment of the Summer Solstice.

In Gandria an aperitif awaits us on the lakeside terrace of the Bottega di Gandria.

Departure from Brè at 10 am. Arrival in Gandria at 2 pm.

Wear shoes suitable for a mountain trail and bring a lunch.


Cost: Fr 50.- (part of the proceeds is donated to the Gandria Antica enhancement project)



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