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Being Authentic (Retreat)

02 - 04 July 2021
Convento Santa Maria del Bigorio, Bigorio
Via Convento 42


09:30 - 17:30

3 day Yoga Retreat with Susana Tavares.

Kundalini (a dynamic style of yoga accessible to all levels), meditation, walks, gong baths, silence, socialisation and awareness.

Due to the specific characteristics of the place, elevated, pure, surrounded by greenery, the silence and the natural setting in which it is located, the convent of Bigorio can be found an ideal environment for carrying out an interior activity. Physical exercises, meditation, tools for perception and awareness on the meaning of life, walking in meditative silence offer us the possibility to go beyond one's comfort zone, to listen to inner silence, to disconnect and relax, to meditate on the meaning of life and on the topic of authenticity.

The retreat is open to everyone (even those who have never practiced yoga). It is intended for anyone who feels the need for a pause for reflection, or just a few days to relax and recharge outdoors. It is also designed for those who want and courage to observe themselves more deeply and give more meaning to their life, meditating in particular on their authenticity. The program includes kundalini yoga classes (a dynamic yoga style accessible to all levels), guided meditation, mindfulness, vegetarian food, gong baths, breathwalking, moments to socialize and moments of silence.

Spoken languages: Italian (main) | English | Spanish | Portuguese

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From CHF 432.- to CHF 520.-


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