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Albert Oehlen – “big paintings by me with small paintings by others”

05 September 2021 - 20 February 2022
MASI Lugano Sede LAC, Lugano
Piazza Bernardino Luini 6

Artists’ own collections are often among the most interesting.

Sensitive and intense, artist collectors are veritable natural connoisseurs, who are immune to trends and have special access to the art market and a genuine passion for the works. Many artists are art collectors, but there are few opportunities to see their collections. In September 2021, MASI will dedicate a large-scale exhibition to Albert Oehlen, a leading contemporary artist and keen collector.

The artist himself selected the works, which will be displayed in contrast to some of his most significant paintings.

“I could say something about each work, but I’m too lazy. In any case, I can affirm that most of them are, in one way or another, connected to my own work. I greatly admire some of these artists. […] The exhibition at MASI is about placing my works in relation to those of my collection and making this relationship perceptible.” (Albert Oehlen).

In addition to Oehlen’s paintings, the exhibition will feature works by many international artists, including Mike Kelley, Daniel Richter, Bruno Goller, Christopher Wool, Jeff Koons, Konrad Klapheck, Malcolm Morley, Martin Kippenberger, Peter Brüning, Richard Artschwager and William Copley.


Richard Artschwager / Hans Bellmer / Peter Brüning / Gernot Bubenik / Werner Büttner / Willem de Kooning / Michaela Eichwald / Gino de Dominicis / Bruno Goller / John Graham / Duane Hanson / Jever / Hans Josephsohn / Martha Jungwirth / Mike Kelley / Konrad Klapheck / Ferdinand Kriwet / Eugène Leroy Richard Lindner / Paul McCarthy / Birgit Megerle / Malcolm Morley / Markus Oehlen / Ed Paschke / Joyce Pensato / Richard Phillips / Christina Ramberg Daniel Richter / Matthias Schaufler / Julian Schnabel / Hans Schweizer / Rebecca Warren / Franz West / Karl Wirsum

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