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Gipsoteca Gianluigi Giudici - “Intelligenza del vedere” by Sferico

23 September - 06 November 2021
Gipsoteca Gianluigi Giudici, Lugano
Via Riva Caccia 1

On Thursday the 23rd of September at 5.30pm the exhibition “Intelligenza del vedere” by Sferico will be inaugurated at the Gianluigi Giudici Gipsoteca Museum, in Riva Caccia 1a in the Central Park of Lugano. Sculpture and painting, curated by Luigi Cavadini, which will remain open until the 6th of November.

Sferico is a singular artist from Ticino who identifies himself with his sculptural work even in the name he presents himself. While still an adolescent, he creates the Spherism “in a perspective entirely focused on creation in the broadest sense, made up of paradisiacal shapes and colours” as underlined by the Nobel laureate Sir John Eccles.

The proposed works, now executed in stone (black in basalt, white in marble or sandstone) now in bronze, live on a great compositional freedom that finds its incisive origin in a design in which the sinuous line traces evolutions that also acquire value on paper space, "embracing our gaze in a whirlwind of love".

The sculpture exhibition is accompanied by a series of paintings in bold colours that fit into particularly complex scenes, recalling the visionary images of Hieronymus Bosch, in which the figures develop, in a coloristic game of shades, a "spherical" three-dimensionality together with symbolic values multiple in scenes of surreal expression in which water and sky have a strong expressive function, between earth and infinity. It is through them that the artist expresses his "philosophical painting" in which "structures and symbolic figures are linked within an allegorical story".


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