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Bidogno — Monte Bar

04 September 2022
Case Rossi

Exploring paths far and wide and equipped with much experience in organizing mountain competitions, we let ourselves be fascinated by the possibility of offering something new.

A competition with two disciplines of your choice: running (or even family walking), and cycling (also e-bike). A 10Km tough climb along the forest road that leads from Bidogno to Monte Bar, along spectacular scenery and an unmatched view of Lugano and its Gulf, Valcolla, Denti della Vecchia, Gazzirola or Monte Boglia will be the outline of this very prestigious climb.

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The departure takes place from the hamlet of Bidogno, in the Municipality of Capriasca. Easily accessible by car or public transport (parking spaces are few), this small mountain village offers a surprising historic downtown, two churches and a small grotto to have something to eat before departure.


Running — Walking:
Competitive: CHF 39.-
Competitive registered in another event of the circuit (15% discount): CHF 33.-
Walking: CHF 19.-



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