• Evento 2022 Scenic Trail Copy Luigi Faragolo Luganoregion 02
  • Evento 2022 Run To The Sun Copy Raffaella Franceschini Luganoregion 03
  • Evento 2022 Monte San Salvatore Trail Copy Milo Zanecchia Luganoregion 04
  • Evento 2022 Bidogno Monte Bar Copy Moira Ghiringhelli Luganoregion 03
  • Evento 2022 Monte Bre Challenge Run Copy Nadya Nay Luganoregion 04
  • Evento 2022 Gazzirola Direttissima Copy Aaron Rezzonico Luganoregion 02

Ticino Mountain Running Cup — Lugano Region

10 April - 29 October 2022

The Ticino Mountain Running Cup is a series of mountain runs in different parts of the canton.

Do you want to find out the latest news on the most beaufiful foot races in southern Switzerland? Vertical, Trail, Running... there is something for everyone! Join in! Rich prize money.

Races in the Lugano Region valid for the championship Ticino Mountain Running Cup 2022:

Race not valid for the championship:


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  1. Organization

    Rezzonico Run