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Ceresio Estate 2022

18 June - 02 September 2022

The happy keys: "Music drives out hatred from those who are loveless. It gives peace to those who are in turmoil, it consoles those who weep". (Pau Casals)

The forty-sixth edition of Ceresio Estate will be all about the joy of returning to the convivial experience of live music, without - we hope - the nagging and restrictions that have burdened our lives in the recent past. Lightness then, as in the opening "tragicomic concert", but also moments of reflection and discovery. There are two guiding threads that weave their way through the fourteen stages: the recurring presence of keyboard instruments (the precious organ in S. Maria del Sasso and the "mysterious" Bercandeon in Morcote, the disruptive piano-vibraphonic-rhymbal amalgam in Castagnola, the graceful antique mini-keyboards in Origlio, ...) and particular attention to today's music. This year's programmes, in fact, as well as drawing on the great repertoire of ancient, classical and romantic music, give space to the varied sounds of the second half of the 20th century, without forgetting works by living composers, some of whom are active in our territory. There will also be opportunities to hear exotic and unusual instruments (the bansuri flute and other traditional Hindustani instruments, horns from the Alps, etc.). So let's leave fear and mistrust behind us and immerse ourselves in musical universes that are distant in space and time, but close in their ability to touch the keys of our curiosity!

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