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Guided excursion Lugano — Monte Brè

20 May - 21 October 2022
Lugano Region tourist office, Lugano
Piazza Riforma

12:50 pm — 5:30 pm

From the heart of the city to the sunniest peak of Lugano. You'll enjoy the splendid view and walk through the tiny village of Brè.

From the city’s heart, you will reach the little harbour of Cassarate by boat, just in time to take the funicular, enjoy the splendid view of the city centre, gradually expanding at your feet as you reach Lugano’s most uncontaminated summit. You will take a stroll through the small village of Brè, where life runs at a slow pace as in the past, taking a look at the typical Ticinese houses, the church and the works of art.

Individual return at 5:30 pm from Cassarate.

  • Groups over 8 pax not admitted
  • Max 25 pax
  • Tour organisation on request
  • The guided tour will be held in the two prevalent languages
  • The guide can decide to break off or cancel the excursion in case of bad weather
  • Difficulty level / walking: medium

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Mail reservation required


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