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Christ in the garden of olives or in the garden of Getsemane

08 April - 08 June 2022
Chiesa di San Carlo Borromeo, Lugano
Via Nassa 28

07:00 am — 11:00 am
1:00pm — 7:00 pm
Except in the case of liturgical appointments

The Confraternita di San Carlo Borromeo with the support of Aion.Art, Aion Art Investment On Next Swiss Logistics Center is pleased to announce the temporary exhibition event, with free admission, dedicated to the sacred painting of great masters and in consonance with the Lenten and Easter period and the particular current period, in program from 'April 8 to June 8, 2022, with a work by Vincenzo Campi "Christ in the garden of olives or in the garden of Getsemane". An almost metaphysical masterpiece of extraordinary synthesis: the spiritual, moral and physical drama that Christ experienced in the Garden of Olives is expressed here with Jesus in prayer who, having overcome his agony and human weaknesses, serenely faces his mission. In the background a surreal Jerusalem, taken from the stylisation of his hometown Cremona. The coat of arms of the Bavarian Bishop von Preysing, linked to the Fuggers and therefore to Campi's most important patron, consolidates the attribution to Vincenzo Campi.


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