• Esposizione 2022 Esposizione Unesco Swissminiatur Luganoregion

UNESCO World Heritage Exhibition

20 April - 28 June 2022
Swissminiatur, Melide
Via Cantonale 3

9:00 am — 6:00 pm (last entry at 5:30 pm)

Discover our Heritage: 13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 7 Intangible Cultural Heritage properties and 2 biospheres reserves are the expression of a unique Switzerland. But what is a World Heritage Site? And the difference between an Intangible Cultural Heritage and a biosphere reserve?

The exhibition curated by World Heritage Experience Switzerland (WHES), the umbrella association for the promotion and valorisation of the World Heritage in Switzerland, is being shown for the first time at Swissminiatur. Through 24 exhibition windows, including images and descriptions, it brings visitors closer to the diversity and richness of our heritage, which must be preserved and protected for future generations.

The exhibition modules are represented in the national languages and in English.

Open all days


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