• Roam Festival 2022 Frah Quintale И Alessandro Treves Luganoregion
  • Roam Festival 2022 Joan Thiele Luganoregion
  • Roam Festival 2022 Max Gazze Luganoregion
  • Roam Festival 2022 Son Lux Luganoregion

ROAM Festival 2022

21 - 23 July 2022
Boschetto, Parco Ciani, Lugano

Several acclaimed artists from the contemporary music scene, including Max Gazzè, Frah Quintale, Joan Thiele, Son Lux and Alice Phoebe Lou.

In its fifth edition, the Festival - which is part of the LongLake Festival - will offer three evenings of live music to be enjoyed in the magnificent setting of Lugano's Parco Ciani.

A fixed appointment on the Swiss festival calendar, each edition of ROAM presents a musical billboard that explores the most interesting bands on the international music scene. Three days that focus on the creation of a strong musical identity, the festival finds its perfect location in the captivating and intimate setting of the Parco Ciani. The physical and metaphorical distance, which by definition separates the audience and artists, disappears, leaving room for an ongoing flow of communication. Performance and enjoyment become inseparable atoms of the ROAM molecule.


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