• Mostra 2022 Chiara Fiorini Luganoregion

Chiara Fiorini — Flashes of light and nature

26 March - 12 June 2022
Nellimya Arthouse, Aranno
Via Ur Stradón 11

3:00 — 7:00 pm
On appointment.

Chiara Fiorini's artistic work moves in different directions, painting, sculpture, installations and land art. Thanks to this expressive polyphony, the artist is able to tell his story, his vision of the world through works that play with light and shadows, winking at that light art that has always found space in Nellimya Arthouse.

In parallel, some outdoor installations and the three land art works set up in a "permanent" way along the first Vitart_Parcours are welcomed, a path between art and nature curated by the Aranno LandArt association that winds all around Nellimya Arthouse, headquarters of the association . The Tree Shangai work was donated by the artist.

"I am fascinated by the diversity of materials - explains Chiara - and I work both in the atelier and outside, in sculpture parks, in nature and also in distant places, in complete solitude, where the result of my work will perhaps remain hidden. In the installations and land art, the materials vary from natural elements collected on site to recycled materials or even materials in contrast with nature, such as plastic, synthetic carpet, wood and iron found in nature and collected to free it from waste."

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 22 May, from 2:00 pm for a guided tour of the exhibition.


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