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Events in the Park

16 June - 10 July 2022
Darsena e Boschetto Ciani, Lugano

Between the tree foliage and the reflections of the lake, summer at Parco Ciani is characterised by outdoor events.

Concerts, meetings, theatre performances, screenings as well as many family events A break from the city in the city, to be inspired by travelling with ideas and emotions, surrounded by greenery.


The show Prima Prova Arringa per Alba (oro il giardino delle delizie) scheduled at the Boschetto on 2 July is moved to the Studio Foce.

The matinee 'Crossing the borders', by Milan Řehák, will take place on Saturday 2 July, instead of Sunday 3 July.

On the 7th of July, 'Le genou d'Ahed' will be screened instead of "Thunder Road".


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