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La Corsa della speranza

17 September 2022
Piazza della Riforma, Lugano

The Corsa della Speranza is a celebration that aims to combine the enthusiasm and pleasure of being together with the awareness that every gesture can make a difference.

It is a celebration celebrated in more than fifty countries around the world in favor of cancer research.

This is a non-competitive event. You can run, walk or simply take a 5 km route through the most characteristic streets of Lugano.

It is a competition for everyone, athletes and non-athletes: families, schools, society, children, grandparents, grandmothers ...

The route of almost 5 km is completely flat, in the most characteristic streets of Lugano.

Very young children can participate with skates or trotinette.

The day with the various events starts at 3:00 pm.

From 6:30 pm everything is ready for the start of the race (Piazza Riforma). Arrival in Piazza Manzoni, by the lake.

The income, consisting of subscriptions and unsolicited offers or donations, is entirely donated to the Ticino Foundation for Cancer Research, which finances international research projects taking place in Ticino.

From 29 August 2022 it is possible to purchase participation kits and support research at the various Ticino points of sale.


11:00 am: start of registration
3:30 pm: start of animations on stage
6:30 pm: start of the race
7:00 pm: take-away dinner


Adults: CHF 25.-
Children: CHF 10.-



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